Post terminal s80 инструкция

post terminal s80 инструкция
Tamper Errors can be caused by several things. Input any Address / Zip Code information if requested. Terminal will return Approved, Declined or an Error and Print a Receipt. The PCI PTS 3.x approved S80 terminal is equipped with communication technologies such as ethernet and PSTN. An intuitive ATM-style interface and ergonomic keypad help make operation easier for both the merchant and their customers. The PCI PTS 3.x approved S80 offers advanced connectivity, equipped with various communication technologies such as Dial and Ethernet. An intuitive ATM-style interface and ergonomic keypad make operation easier for merchant and consumer alike.

Интуитивный интерфейс в стиле ATM упрощает работу с терминалом. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from advanced fraud protection and security features. Contact Support at I have the contactless reader setting set to “Internal”, but my ApplePay and Google Wallet transactions are not working. Is there another setting that needs to be set to make it work? That’s because you have to swipe the card through the reader to initiate the transaction.

This is an indication that the balance in the terminal does not match the balance on the processing host – it’s an “Out Of Balance” message. Experience easy Internet set-up for all POS systems using your existing broadband connection, and most can connect wirelessly. The S80 terminal comes with built-in contactless and ARM11 processor which supports multiple payment and value-added applications. To place an order, please contact us. PAX’s Technology’s S80 device is an advanced countertop point-of-sale (POS) terminal which combines innovation, durability and performance.

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