Post terminal s80 инструкция

post terminal s80 инструкция
Discover industry-leading POS financing and distribution opportunities for equipment inventory, repair, deployment and service. Try inputting the transaction dollar amount first and then swipe the card. EMV regulations require the terminal to prompt for “Amount” before card entry, so new applications will run in this order to comply with the new EMV regulations. The PCI PTS 3.x approved S80 terminal is equipped with communication technologies such as ethernet and PSTN. An intuitive ATM-style interface and ergonomic keypad help make operation easier for both the merchant and their customers. Бесконтактная оплата покупки на POS-терминале POS-терминал (от англ. There are two ways to disable the beep: In BroadPos, under the Misc table, disable the buzzer At the terminal level: Press “Menu” Select Option 3 (Operation Settings) Select Option 2 (Buzzer Setup) Select “Off” I get a “QD” error when I attempt to settle my batch.

Once you have done that, it should show up in the Menu. If there are transactions in the terminal, the terminal cannot be downloaded/updated. The S80 terminal comes with built-in contactless and ARM11 processor which supports multiple payment and value-added applications. To place an order, please contact us. How can I enable or disable No-Paper mode Do this: Press the “Menu” key Select Option 3 (Operation Settings) Select Option 1 (No-Paper Mode) Input the password and press “Enter How can I make the terminal stop beeping every time I punch a button? The display is defective and needs to be repaired. My terminal is displaying “Invalid Batch Sequence” or “. I can’t do transactions.

Click to EnlargePlug the power adapter into an outlet.Continue to the next section and load the paper.The S80 uses thermal credit card terminal paper to print customer signature slips for transactions. Here’s the correct way to initiate the void transaction: Using the “Up” and “Down” arrow keys, scroll to the “V/Sale” prompt Swipe the card or input the card number and expiration date by hand Input the “Transaction Number” and press “Enter” My screen is too dark/light. Press the green release button to open the paper cover.Drop the paper into the printer tray with the end of the roll feeding up from the bottom.

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