Презентация на английском языке марко поло

презентация на английском языке марко поло
Marco was born in Venice, Italy in 1254. Venice was a wealthy trading city and Marco’s father was a merchant. The book was translated into many European languages in Marco Polo’s own lifetime, but the original manuscripts are now lost. Who would recognize the 16th- and 17th-century Italian missionary Matteo Ricci under Li Matou or the 18th-century painter Giuseppe Castiglione under Lang Shining?)A more balanced view must take into account many factors, especially the textual problem and medieval ideas of the world. People looked for work, and whole groups of people migrated for varying reasons. Описание его маршрута было известно в средневековой Европе и могло быть известно братьям Поло ещё в их первом путешествии. Во время пребывания Поло в Китае в Европу приехал уроженец Пекина Раббан Саума, а миссионер Джованни Монтекорвино, наоборот, направился в Китай. Although Netflix is preparing to launch in Asia, it hasn’t yet – meaning that Internet users in Mongolia must turn to the often poor quality alternatives on video sharing platforms such as Vimeo or Torrent.

This constituted the _Dar al-Islam_, or \u201cAbode of Islam.\u201d In addition, there were important communities\u00a0of Muslims in cities and towns beyond the frontiers of Dar al-Islam. Routledge. p. 196. ISBN 9781134442935. ^ a b Haw, Stephen G. Marco Polo’s China: A Venetian in the Realm of Khubilai Khan. Many problems were caused by the oral transmission of the original text and the proliferation of significantly different hand-copied manuscripts. The surname Polo seems related with other widespread Dalmatian surnames. Таким образом, интересы торговли неминуемо должны были привести к изучению новых стран.

Their rulers imposed order and security to the trade routes along the Silk Roads. Canoes have been used for millennia by many different cultures and continue to be used today. This is the general outline of the goddess\u2019s merit…\\n> \\n> When we arrived at the foreign countries, barbarian kings who resisted transformation and were not respectful we captured alive, and bandit soldiers who looted and plundered recklessly we exterminated. Please include: At least one social/website link containing a recent photo of the actor. Modern container ships are used for the heaviest loads, carrying manufactured goods, heavy machinery, and vehicles between ports around the world.

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