Сервис мануал samsung 9505

сервис мануал samsung 9505
Well, in fact, you can personalize the sound of an incoming or outgoing call by selecting an audio equalizer setting such as Soft or Clear sound while you are on the phone. Again, this has a plug and socket type connection, so lever up, away from the circuit board. You can also easily add this function to the notification panel.

For instance, once you press new message, tap the setting icon of the QWERTY keyboard, which is next to the space bar. Now use an opening tool to pry away the loudspeaker along it’s top edge, as shown below. Download Odin3 v3.09 zip from here.– extract the zip contents. Below you can see the clamp, front facing camera and proximity sensor/earpiece, having been removed.

Why choose bq_shop?No Locks — Looking for a new phone but afraid you might lose your old phone number? Airplane mode is now turned off.Tap the Back key.Tap Data usage.If necessary, tap Mobile data to select the check box. The sim and memory card readers are now free. To remove the vibrating motor, circled below left, apply some heat and then lever it free. To remove the headphone socket, circled below right, remove the screw next to it then simply lift it free. Now disconnect the three ribbon cables circled in red.

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