Инструкция vray для cinema 4d

инструкция vray для cinema 4d
But now we want to introduce a different translucent material. It is related to special light absorption materials. When you switch back into Unity, the scene is imported automatically and will show up in the Project View. To see your model in Unity, simply drag it from the Project View into the Scene View. If you modify your .c4d file, Unity will automatically update whenever you save. Unity will now automatically import the fbx file.

Depending on your 3D application used and the V-Ray version, there might be a “Use local host” or “Don’t use local machine” checkbox option, which can help to reduce the load on your local machine. The Fish-eye camera is simulated as a Standard camera pointed to an absolutely reflective sphere (with a radius of 1.0) that reflects the scene into the camera’s shutter. Note that the quality of sampling also depends on the settings of the DMC sampler as well as on the chosen Image sampler. No MB Camera – motion blur will not affect camera movement.

Note: All the images are rendered using the VRaySun and VRaySky set with their default parameters. Positive values stretch the effect in the vertical direction. Если вы увидите помидор, то безусловно скажете, что он – красный. Может быть и кажется, что его поверхность ничего не отражает, но это не так. На самом деле отражения просто очень слабые и сильно размыты. Не отражает свет только черная дыра, =) помните об этом, когда создаете материалы. Anisotropy – this option allows the stretching of the bokeh effect horizontally or vertically.

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