Google cardboard шаблон для печати

google cardboard шаблон для печати
You can read her comprehensive guide on our forums, which includes some extra hacks and details. But the customer Support of Spartez is really great! And two on the extra flaps to keep your phone in place. Best Regards Janusz Gorycki, by Maree Milne on 2015-10-19Latest version of the plugin (with new editor) is a massive improvement.

That’s it! Be sure to download the Google Cardboard app to get started. There are pre-cut Cardboard kits available online, and they work pretty well. Еще из вариантов — заказать любимую пиццу или купить картон в специальном магазине (ищется по запросу микрогофрокартон Е). Липучка. You might want to use some extra super glue to make sure it is securely attached to the cardboard.

However, they are all intended to be universally compatible with any smartphone, so there are some quirks and sizing issues. Итак, что же нужно для создания шлема виртуальной реальности Google Cardboard? Continue cutting all the solid black lines, including the small holes (the hardest part). Start folding the cardboard along the red dashed lines. To make sure you fold the cardboard in the right places, you can reattach the template back on top of the cardboard. You can print issues directly from JIRA or generate a PDF file.

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